L'Histoire de La Campagne Saint-Martin

La Vigne, le Vin et le Vigneron.


A l’arrivé des premiers froids, les souches s’endorment dans le salon du vigneron,

Endroit propice s’il en est un pour se faire une beauté et se refaire une santé.

Le coiffeur de ces dames, de ses ciseaux armé, leur réserve une coupe approprié au rendement espéré. 

Durant ces quatre mois passés, la vigne s’est reposée

Et se réveille émerveillée de se voir toute en beauté.

Au tour du vigneron de lâcher la pression du travail effectué,

Et de pouvoir contempler ses arbres à vin se développer


J-C. Laguens

fleche-image-animee rouge Mieux peut etr

Chapter 1: The Origins

   The young estate has been making its Cuvées "22 garages" since 2016.
   “The history of this winery begins thanks to Yves Laguens, the father of Jean-Christophe, a passionate postman and winemaker who created and plants his first vines in 1985. Having transmitted his passion to his son, the latter however being in a first life sports educator and footballer emeritus, took the vine virus and resumed family activity in 2010 "
(Florence de Martino, Agde Infos)
An old vine, Syrah grape variety, planted in 1985 by Yves

Chapter 2: The Start

   Accompanied by Isabelle, his wife, they created their company in 2015 and began to expand this passion by building a cellar and a space reserved for tasting in 2016.
   Business not without difficulties, it was at the cost of many hours to reflect, think, seek and refine, that they could plan their project.
   Despite a tumultuous start mixing requests for building permits, exchanges of plans with architects and manufacturing problems, construction was finally able to be carried out, slowly but surely.
The first breeze block in the Cave laid!

Chapter 3: The Fruit of a Dream

   This long-term work, the fruit of a dream, first made it possible to make a wine that is modest and in keeping with a well-defined spirit: that of conviviality.
   It is in this sense that the very first Cuvée, the fruit of 7 years of work, was born under the humorous but meaningful name: 22 Garage (read Garage wine).
   This name came to their idea, because a garage wine is a wine produced in small quantities on small areas, with the desire to obtain an exceptional end product made with traditional methods.
   If the humorous side of their cuvée would seem offbeat compared to a real burgundy garage wine, expression born in the 90s, this is indeed wanted and this is explained by the fact that they had no pretension to make a wine worthy of a grand cru.
   On the contrary, they first wanted a modern and meaningful intonation.
In this case, a small production of a wine to share with friends, a wine that corresponds to them, a symbolic wine with respect for viticulture and nature, united in a fluid of flavors from a strong and fascinating terroir.
   It was with this idea that this appellation was born, and this is how the first cuvée of this crazy history was born: Cuvée 22 Garage in red, single-varietal Syrah 2017 .
   The first harvest was carried out by hand, on less than one hectare of a vine planted in 1985 .
  It was then the development of a first product with curious and very pleasant expectations, in October 2016 .

Chapter 4: From dream to reality ... The Wine Cellar

   It was essential that this cellar be located in the heart of the vineyards so that, during the harvest, the grapes harvested by hand are as least shocked and as fresh as possible.
   What was only a project on paper, took on its full meaning once the Cave built.
As soon as the slab was poured, it was necessary to find all the material necessary to make the wine.
  After the acquisition of a press, it was the turn of a used maturation tank for the first year.
Then came Isabelle and Cécilia, with their decorating ideas. It is indeed while awaiting the month of October and its harvest, that the Cellar is adorned with its most beautiful ornaments, (to be seen can be added: having as temporary function during the development the reception of friendly and family meals). This warm place gave spirit to the future tasting place, which family and friends languished more and more after seeing this first Heart of the St-Martin Campaign.
   At harvest time, a dreaded and expected moment, it was with scissors and agile hands that the grapes were delicately harvested, without counting the precious material and personal help of fellow wine-growers. This task carried out early in the morning, the Laguens family subsequently invited those who are dear to them in order to celebrate this first harvest.
  Pending maturation, the couple and their daughter continued the expansion of the St-Martin campaign by producing a label for future bottles, by purchasing a new stainless steel vat and crates for the next harvest. , and in particular by building an official tasting place.

Chapter 5: A tasting place up to their personalities

   In the meantime, with strong family and friendly support, they continued to build the Campaign .
  They assigned a small part of the agricultural building, formerly built by Yves , to make it a place of sale and tasting.
 In their project imagined for so many years, this air-conditioned room would have a large picture window that would allow you to contemplate this piece of nature, it would then bring in the maximum amount of sunlight during the day. The idea of ​​making this piece is paramount in their mind, is an integral part of their project. Sofa and armchair would be required, a solid wood bar and high chairs would be present, a flat screen at the top of the wall with a light quality acoustic system and a vintage style would ensure a cozy and friendly place. It would be a place of exhibition for their wine, put in the spotlight on a base of estale and obviously offered for tasting and sale, as well as the sale of many fruits and vegetables grown on the estate.
   It was without counting on the unexpected success of the first vintage, that this place will become essential to build.

Chapter 6: The Ascension

   The development and maturation of this first Cuvée was most surprising.
  Indeed, the result obtained was unexpected, and the 22 Garage 2017 edition were victims of their success.
 This very encouraging first production, applauded by critics, created a certain "notoriety" around them. This motivated the native couple of Saint-Thibéry who brought the following years a triptych Cuvée of Red, White and Rosé, also very well received.

Chapter 7: The Growth

Jean-Christophe tasting the new Cuvée matured in oak barrels
  In their will to tend towards more and more perfected wines, there will also be, announced for December 2020 , a part of the Cuvée in red which will be matured in oak barrels.
  As the campaign flourishes, many developments in terms of increasingly responsible agriculture, targeting organic by 2021 for certain grape varieties, are on the horizon. The St-Martin campaign planted resistant grape varieties in April 2020 , to be discovered in the News section.
  The history of the St-Martin Campaign , both family and endearing, therefore continues to be written.
  Here is a summary offered in the form of short chapters, but you are invited to go directly to the site to discover and see for yourself this ambitious project that never stops.
  Obviously, this project does not count on the support of their families, friends and relatives.
  However and above all, it is thanks to the Transmission of Yves and his wife Marie-Thérèse, as much wine as passionate, and the permanent development of Isabelle and Jean-Christophe who provided continuous work without ever counting their hard hours, that the Campagne St-Martin (St-Martin Campaign) is what it is today .
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